The Project

Where Spirituality and Design Meld

ALMA CONCEPT merges two distant worlds: spirituality and interior design. From the desire to bring harmony and beauty into the home environment, we have created a line of furnishing accessories for meditation, capable of harmonizing the subtle differences between form and function.


Two purposes, one harmony

ALMA Concept products find their natural habitat within the home, that cherished place, the refuge where one feels protected. Each element can be utilized both in the practice of yoga and meditation, and as a decorative object, allowing your inner self and the closest space around you to be in unison.


The essence of each product

The quality and creativity of Italian design, combined with the tradition and refinement of the oriental world, creates a distinctive collection. The workmanship behind each product ensures its uniqueness, the discerning selection of suppliers worldwide is synonymous with quality and the creative research in product development guarantees great versatility.


Worldly inspirations

Each collection is a journey into a world of symbols, colors and techniques. From China to India, passing through Tibet and Japan, each inspiration lives on in the unique pieces made by the skilled hands of the artisans who weave their experience and materials together.


The geometric representations in various colors, deriving from the ancient Indian tradition, evoke the energy of Yantras and the cosmic force.

Grano SaracenoJapan

Traditional icons such as the dragonfly, the peach tree and mountains derive from the observation of Japanese culture and works of art.

Gomma NaturaleTibet

Unique and original hand-knotted textures come to life in masterpieces of craftsmanship made in Nepal, a land that embraces Tibetan art and culture.